Friday, March 16, 2012

MTC #3


MTC #3, a set on Flickr.

This is our first video card from Sam


Hello everyone!!
This week has just flown by I feel like I almost dont have anything to talk about cuz I feel like I was just barely writting home.
- Last Friday Night - Hammond Choro came and gave me a temple stone. He just said that It was a tradition that the stone was passed down from senpai to Kyohai. And he said his favorite Senpai gave it to him so he gave it to me. He's been an awesome friend since ive been here. Everytime that I ever had a problem with Japanese he would come in and coach me with what I needed help with. I got a picture with him so the next time I send a card you guys can see some of the Senpai.
- Last Friday - So we have a joke within our district. Everytime we go up the stairs or obey the rules we yell Jujun!! which mean obidence. Cuz theres an elevator In our building but were not allowed to use the elevator unless we are injured . so when we go up thwe 5 flights of stairs we yell jujun!!!
Another funny story, so last thursday Barrus Choro wrote his letter to his girlfriend when it wasnt his pday. And we told him that something bad would happen to him cuz he did it on the wrong day. So the next morning were walking to breakfast and a mouse runs out in front of him and he steps on it and kills it. Sad right?!?!?!
Saturday - We had TRC. It's where we go to a building and teach random people a lesson in Japanese. IT WAS SO SCARY!! But we did pretty well. We taught Nate/Ryo to return Missionaries, and Alison and Niyoku, who are both from Japan.
Sunday - Since the Senpai are leaving they had to call a new zone leader. They called Kerr and Shibuta from our district. Because of that Medeiros was made the new distrcit leader. It was pretty cool.
That night we had a fireside and honestly I didn't remeber the talk. The one thing that I did remember though is that the guy who spoke served in Japan. The last 4/6 Speakers we've had have served in Japan. It's kinda showed me that learning this language isn't impossible. It's nice seeing the end affect of a mission.
Sunday Night - Said goodbye to the Senpai (Older Missionaries) I got pictures with all of my favorite ones, So I'll send a card with pictures next week.
Monday/Tuesday - Seriously, I had no idea what happened lol.
Wednesday - I ran into Dallin Hardy!!! He seemed really good!! He's gonna love it here.
We taught Fujimuta-san (Christiansen Kyodai) and it was very confusing. We taught him about prayer, restoration, and the Morumon Sho. At the end when we asked him if he had any questions he went crazy in Japanese and we didn't know what to say so we were like "May we end with a prayer?" haha
Thursday - Today I fully translated my lesson pray for Shibuta-san (Reading Kyodai, Hamaguchi-san, Crawford Kyodai hahaha I'll explain the names later.) Woodward Choro and I skipped dinner in order to finsh translating.
Funny story about teaching Shibuta-san. So we were in the middle of the lesson and Shibuta-san said "Tadashii", and my Doryo was like what? And started to look it up. So I thought for a second and looked at Shibuta-san and said I think that means correct to my doryo. So then Shibuta-san winked at me and smiled, so I turned to Woodward Choro and said yeah I'm pretty sure its correct lol but Woodward thought that I just guessed and he didn't see Shibuta-san wink so he kept looking it up then said "Yep, it means correct" lol Me and Shibuta-san (Reading Kyodai) laughed about it afterwards.
So Reading Kyodai is one of our teachers before he was our teacher he was "Hamaguchi-san" our first inverstigator. But two weeks into class we walked in and he was there wearing a teacher nametag and was like "Surprise!! I'm a teacher" haha. But now he also pretends to be our newest investigator Shibuta-san. And it's funny cuz he lost his nametag so he came to class with a nametag that said "Brother Crawford", a friend of his' tag. So we always joke with Reading Kyodai that he has so many aliases that we dont know who he is. And when we said that he said in a super deep voice "Watashi wa Batman desu" (I'm Batman.) haha It was so great.
So I've lost about 10 lbs. I left home weighing 206 and now I weigh 194. I just eat a lot better hewre than I do at home lol
Mom - Thank you for the letter. My studying is getting a lot better. I'm starting to learn a lot more Nihongo but when ever I have to use it in a lesson I get really nervous. But I think I will get more comfortable with time.
Dad - It cracked me up the story you told about all of the hormones in the house and what you said haha I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you for the Magnet by the way. It's legit. Keep sending em.
My district is alright. We had problems focusing but that's about it. We just really need to dedicate studytime to studying.
Well that's about it for me.
I love you guys!
See ya soon.
Ai shite masu!!