Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello みなーさん!!
I hope everyone is doing well..
SO this week has been pretty cool. I was able to do some bean dendo with Barrus 長老 from my douki. Its always super scary because weve only been here a month and we can hardly speak any 日本語. But when we dendo`d I was able to get to know a guy, talk about my family and what Im doing in 日本, and after about 30 min I gave him a B of M! IT was super tight!! I was so stoked!! I always feel so pumped when I am actually able to carry on a conversation in 日本語.

This week we were able to meet with AOSHIMA-SAN!!!! This guy in kin-jin (lit:Golden person, like golden investigator, doesnt really translate haha). He was a self referral who has come to the last 4 Eikaiwas and has now come to church twice! This last week we met with him before Eikaiwa on Thursday and we taught him a lesson. At the end of it we asked him if he would like to baptized. And he was like that sounds amazing but I have only been to church once, I cant commit to something so sacred if I dont know everything about it. And we were like wwwhhhhooooaaa he really understnad the importance of this. It was so cool! Even on sunday when he came to church during our Gospel Principles class we were talking about Baptism and the teacher, (Kaneko Kyodai, our Dendoshunin, or Ward Mission Leader) asked the class what was the significance of the submersion of water. It got really quiet and then Aoshima raised his hand and said ``I dont know exactly, but I think I read about this in the Book Of Mormon. Doesnt it mean like the washing away of your old life and starting a new one?``.....I was like ``DANG SON!!!! MY BOYS GOT MAD SKILLS!!!!`` I think hes such a cool guy chugokugojin our always kin-jin (Chinese people are always golden)

SO yeah that my week haha. Nothing really else happened
Last Monday was ZONE PDAY so we went to a beach in FUKUOKA and played volleyball with the rest of our zone.

Wednesday I had Junkai with the Yahata 長老たち, so I went with Swasey 長老to Yahata. Ill put a pic in here. Hes a Halfsy, hes peds in 英語and 日本語.

But yeah taht my week. Now were going to go mountain biking in a Bamboo forrest with one of our Eikaiwa students named MIKI. Shes like 82 years old and works out like 3 hours a day from 8-11PM. SHES CRAZY. Shes always saying `yeah I am very old so I cant be very active I only ski about 50 days out of the year now. ``LADY YOU CRAZY!!!``

ANother quick story. No one in the ward can remember my name. Its too amaerican so everyweek at church they walk up and stare at my tag and say. ``mmaaaaaa.........koneru````. haha its pretty funny. To help people remember my name, when I say it I just say ma...koneru and then roll my hands together because the word koneru means to knead haha so when I do that people are like ``ooooohhhhh wakarimashita!```` (I get it)

Well yosh... Take pics when Jamie get home. Let me know If hes gotten fat.
I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!