Monday, May 7, 2012

A Letter from the Future

Dads Questions Me and my comp are awesome. We are struggling to find investigators but were trying our hardest. My area is pretty ghetto, at least where I live. Actually, fun fact for you, right before I got here like a day before there was a shooting where a Yakuza member shot a cop in the leg haha. So theres cops every and theres little kids always walking by our apartment because were right next to an elementary school so there are like 10 cops guarding the streets to the Elementary school. Crazy Stuff. The ward is legit. Villalobos says the its `bean charm`. Crap I just realized that I havent explained what a bean is. So when you plant rice you have to start out with just a tiny bean right? Well in Japan they dont call new missionaries greenies, they call em beans or green beans haha. So in my ward everyone calls me Bean Choro (mostly because people cant pronounce my name haha). But the ward loves bean choros, so everyone is getting really nice. They called us a dendoshunin or ward missionleader finally!! Which is awesome. theres about 40-45 people in our ward, its pretty big. In Nakatsu which is part of our district there is only 7 people. So were pretty lucky. Weve only had two investigators: Nakamuta and Eiko, we havent been able to meet with Eiko because shes been busy, and we finally found Nakamutas baptismal record so he went from a investigator to a LARC less active recent convert. So right now we basically have no investigators haha so we gotta work!! P-days are actually pretty boring. We usually just do shopping. Actually something that really makes me mad. I bought a jisho or dictionary last P-day in Kokura which is the city and about 30min from the Apato. We buy it, get back to the apartment, open it and realize that its a Japanese to Chinese Jisho. I WAS LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! So today we went back and tried to return the Jisho but they said because I had openned it I could not return it. And I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? So now we gotta find a pawnshop and sell it to get some cash and then buy another Jisho. Which sucks. I have not gotten a video card. It goes to the honbu and then to the apato so I might not get it for a while. Could you send peanut butter and taco seasoning haha they dont have those things here. The food is CrAzY. Its going to take a while to get used to. Espicially Mugicha. Its this nasty drink that every drinks and if I dont drink it Im being rude so it sucks. It tastes like a liquified ash tray haha. Missionaries get transferred many different ways here. My Trainer was in Okinawa for the first 4 transfers of his mission. So who knows. Ill probably be with Villalobos it Kitakyushu for two transfers but Ive heard tons of different things. I dont have a list of names on me right now but I should have them next week. I have some Missionary buddies and also my MTC senseitachi. I havent gotten my bike yet I ordered it and it wont get here until next week because of Golden week. So I had one of the members bikes, its a fold up, we call it the mama chatei. I got a flat tire though so I have to fix it haha Remember last week when I said the language was alright? ITS KICKING ME IN THE FACE!! haha its rough, I fell like I am able to understand most of what they say, but when it comes to responding im just like `derp....` So I need to study a lot more. NOW FOR THE REAL LETTER Monday Mitton Choro and Barrus Choro came over from Nakatsu to stay the night. We have district meeting on tuesdays and since they live so far away they stay the night before. We stayed up talking with Mitton, hes a hillarious guy. Tuesday I studied a talk called the 4th Missionary.. Check it out He had district meeting where we just studied from PMG and made some district goals. I walked around with some one in our district named Swasey choro whos japanese, but hes peds in eigo. He was just talking to me and was really nice and offered to helop me with anything that I needed. Hes a really soft spoken guy. Kitakyushu District Villalobos DL/T McConnell Bean Mitton T Barrus Bean Unice Senpai Swasey We went to a tabetehodai or all you can eat restaurant. They just had piles of raw meet everywhere and you got tongs and took the meet to your table where there was a grill built into the table lol. It was legit. Afterwards we had a lesson with Nakamuta and we called him and asked if it was still on, and he said he couldnt meet. So we were like dang, and started walking back to the apato when he called again and was like, actually I can meet today so we were like nice!! So we taught him the 救いの計画 Plan of salvation!! After that we walked around did some housing and then headed back for the night. Wednesday We housed for 8 hours and everyone kekko`d us except a girl we began to teach who turned out to be a Chugakusei or middle school student, so we were like crap, give this pamphelt to your parents haha we taught a ramen shop owner where we had lunch. We started eating and he was like, Whats with the tags? and we were like ......nice! So we taught him and got his number so we were going to give him a call later. And then we met THE BEST GIRL EVER! Her name is Ida Maiko, we were housing in the complex and we had been kekko`d by everyone and then we were like its late we need to get back so we decided to do one more door, and we met her. Shes a college student up here in Kokura and she kept telling us that everything we were teaching her was stuff she believed and was really interested so we were like YEAH!! But she would take a モルモン書 because she said that she would feel bad if she took it and didnt read it so we left but were going to go visit her again. Thursday We were in the Apato all day with study and weekly planning it kind sucked. But then we had eikaiwa and it was pretty fun. Everyone that comes to eikaiwa is a riot. We got a ride home with one of the students named george who is about 21 has a tatoo on his hand and he doesnt have a pinky.. so he probably was yakuza haha. Friday We had a ward picnic up in the mountains of Kitakyushu. We went up to this area they gave us bags, we went and picked random roots and leaves that we found that we were able to eat and then we made tempura with them haha it was crazy!! It was way fun, the ward is very funny, and they are always trying to help me out with 日本語. Nakamuta actually came too which was cool because hes starting to make friends in the ward. Later that night we went into Fukuoka by sonic train for district leader counsel and then I junkai`d or went on splits with our ZL Edwards 長老 from Austraila. It was way cool. The APs ZLs and honbu elders just barely bought a house between the six of them so we stayed the night there and it was way fun, they had actually been moving in that day. Saturday AP Ahn Clement ZL Edwards Yamada Honbu Oba Usui Sorry Im running out of time but quick story. With Edwards in Fukuoka we taught 17 lessons and got 9 numbers in 3 hours! ISNT THAT NUTS?!?! We seriously just talked with everyone. Edward`s Sensei was actually Christiansen Kyodai as well. Hes an awesome ZL. The most ive taught in Kitakyushu was like 2 lessons a day. It put my work in Kitakyushu to shame. So me and Villalobos are going to crank it up!! Sorry that I ended this so suddenly but Im outta time. I love you all. I sent a letter with a memory card to Shelby so she should bring it over to you guys once shes down with it. LOVE YOU ALL BYE!! Talk to ya Monday!!