Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day at the Beach


Day at the Beach, a set on Flickr.

Looks like a zone activity at the beach

Video's and Things

I have been kind of lazy posting videos and pictures so I'm making up for it now!  Here are some neat videos of the country and some of the elders in Sam's district.

Bike Ride in the Mountains #1
Bike Ride in the Mountains #2
Bike Ride in the Mountains #3
Sushi Restaurant #1
Sushi Restaurant #2
Elder Playing the Piano

Day trip to the Mountain #1
Day trip to the Mountain #2
Day trip to the Mountain #3
Day trip to the Mountain #4
Day trip to the Mountain #5
Day trip to the Mountain #6
Day trip to the Mountain #7

Mitton going home, Floods, Helping Hands, and a 7-Day Junkai!!!

SO yeah guess what?
Turns out that this week turned out to be even more crazy than the
last two haha. Ill start with Tuesday.
We all gathered in Kitakyushu for district meeting where Elder Mitton
had told us that he had finally gotten the news that he would end up
be returning to America. The Hospitals here in Nihon were going to
take him and check him in for a week but the american doctors who have
been working with the nihon doctors told them no way. So the next
altenative was for him to go home.
We had a normal district meeting and then we went and did some stuff
with Elder Mitton in Kokura. He wanted to get some clothes and some
different stuff before he headed home.
So afterwards Villalobos 長老 and I headed with Mitton and Barrus back to Nakatsu.

Packing day. Mitton had a ton of stuff to pack and we helped him
throughout the day. Eventually the Yahata 長老たち came and they helped us
with that Eikaiwa that night. Elder Mitton was supposed to travel
alone to Fukuoka and Villalobos and Morris 長老 were going to go back to
Kitakyushu. So they all went to the train station and Unice Barrus and
I stay in Nakatsu........FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS!!!!!


Seriously right now Im writting my email and I havent seen my actual
bed in a week.

Nothing really happened throughout the week we spent a lot of time
cleaning up the apartment due to the huge rain storms and floods (ill
talk about that later haha). But all in all I guess it was an ok

So.. its been raining a lil bit. And by a little I mean water is
coming down mountains into rivers and destroying peoples homes.. Its
pretty crazy. Its not actually in my area its in Nakatsu which is in
Oita-ken so im way far from it in Kitakyushu.
Me, Unice, Barrus, Villalobos, Morris, Kopenen, and Kurose 長老 were all
part of a ``Mormon Helping Hands `` activity. We split into two
groups. One went to the river to move debress and to help people and
there homes, while the other helped a member who lived by the river to
get the water in out of his home. I have some pictures but the
computer that I am using doesnt let me send pictures. I basically
spent 8 hours under a house with a bunch of Japanese men shoveling
buckets of water and trying to syphin water out of peoples homes. It
was nutz.
If you get the chance you should google these floods. its pretty
intense. I think that 14 people have died due to floods on the roads
and people being swept into the river. Its very sad.
But dont worry im no where near it, anymore.

BUT man.

Crazy stuff back home too!!

Mom?!?! Why`d that kid do that?!?! Did you drop him afterwards?? haha
Im sorry he hurt you. Do you think that it has done anything to you?
Like are you going to go to the hospital again?

Dude... that blows. 小がないけれども。。。。。I thought it was funny what you said
at the end though. About how you lost all fear of girls on the misson
haha. Man you playa. I can just tell from your emails and from talking
to you on the phone that youre way more mature.Its cool man. Im happy
for you. Go find a lady friend. 彼女を見つけなさい!!!But your`e not allowed to
get married until Im home so... 結婚がだめでしょう!I think it will be way good
for you to date tons of people!! いろいろな女性たちをダトしなさい!!!!But whatever you
do just have fun!! 楽しんでください!!
Dang Forrest is home huh??
How was his homecoming man?
I saw the pic of you Jacob and Forrest.
You all are mecha (めちゃ freaking) old.
Do you guys just speak in Spanish with one another? I bet its a riot
to hear you 3 together.
Man.....everyone is just so old I wanna see em haha.

Sophie still sounds like a punk haha.

Mom, Mitton`s mom asked me to say thank you for calling. Mitton called
his parents last week and his mom said she was very grateful. I really
miss Mitton. Hes such a sick kid. He has so much dendo fire. He sent
Barrus 長老 an email about being back home in america and said he was
walking on the street and felt uncomfortable asking people for
directions so he found the only Japanese person he could and asked him
haha. I love Mitton. He is supposed to come back after he recovers
from surgery so maybe we can be in the same district again =)

Well, Transfer 2 is ending tomorrow. And I have learned a lot this
transfer. We were at Nakatsu`s church this last week and we were
talking about ``Ture Conversion``. That just knowing of something and
being totally committed to that. I have been thinking about that a
ton. And I have never seen any other great examples since I have been
here. For example Elder Mitton. The guy never thinks about himself.
The entire time through all of the doctor visits and through all of
the tests he was always saying that he wished he could just stop his
dendo clock right now so he wasnt wasting his mission time, so when he
returned he would have more dendo time. I was thinking ``Dude!! You
might have cancer!! Thats mecha serious!!`` But the whole time all he
could only think about was dendo. Even when he was sick he was like
man.. I wanna go talk to people. I love that. And then also yesterday
with the Helping Hands activity. These members who were helping one
another and doing all they could for some one else was amazing. There
were people from the Fukuoka stake who had come and had no idea who
Kai kyodai was. They just knew he needed help. So they came 2 hours
from Fukuoka in order to save his house. Thats amazing. Japanese
people will never stop amazing me. When they believe in something the
will hold to it and do everything that they possibly can to fulfill
it. Members are such a great 証 of that. They just are fully convered
to the gospel, in a part of the world that is just vile and evil.
There are so many awful things that happen here, but these people
overcome. Because they have the gospel.
I love those people.

I hope you all have a cool week. It just started pouring rain and I
dont have my raincoat so that sucks haha. しょうがない。

Jamie, Meri, Sophie, Forrest, Dad, Mom, Grace!!!