Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello everyone!! How is everyone doing?! Things just sound like theyre
going way fast at home. Its crazy everyone is just growing up and
doing some way cool things.

Thanks for all of the funny stories and inspirational stories this
week, it was way nice to read them.

I love little funny moments that happen everyday on the mission.  Theres
always little fun times. The story Jamie told me reminded me of
sometimes that we have knocked on peoples doors. In Japan, most of the
doors have door bells that have a speaker attached to them so you call
into the house and try to get them to open up, but they usually never
do. But a lot of the time, if the place they have is nice, they will
have a camera and speaker for a doorbell. So the second that you hit
the button the camera turns on and you can talk into the house.

So we were knocking on a door with a Camera Bell (we call them Kekko
Boxes, because usually if they have them they will say ``kekko`` or
``no thank you``). But we ring the bells and the second we do a huge, I
mean HUGE like Godzilla sized bees start flying around us, so we
freaked out. So after like a good 30 seconds of waving our arms like
crazy men we hear from the speaker, ``are you good now?`` haha the
camera was one the whole time. It was way funny. Oh yeah, then they
kekko`d us. Aw well.

This week we were able to meet with a couple of people in our ward and
we brought them some cakes. We dont have ovens in our apartment but we
have a suihanki (Rice cooker) and I figured out how to cook cakes in
it haha so we have been delivering thank you cards and cakes to people
in the ward this week.

So Beckstrand 長老 is way good at the piano, and were going to be doing
a music night to get member, LAs, and investigators to come to the
church. And I need some favors. I need some sheet music for IZ`s
somewhere over the rainbow (like the lyrics too), and also if you
could, we have a new convert that moved into our ward and he loves the
guitar. So If there was a way that you could send a bunch of earth
wind and fire sheet music for guitar and piano, cuz he loves E W and
F, that would be awesome.

We saw a ton of little miracles this last week as well. On Saturday we
had Eikaiwa (English Class). We had Miki (who just got back from a
trip to Greendland Switzerland and London. She went to the olympics
and did a bunch of stuff including hunting whales and narwhals with a
bunch of inuites up in Greenland for over a month. Shes an 85 year old
lady and at first I didnt believe her but then I saw pictures. SHES
WHACK MAN!!!), Mary, and Chris. Eventually Nishikawa and Nakamura
Sister showed up and they were just being annoying haha. That sounds
bad but they keep trying to undermine everything that at least me and
Villalobos did. Theyre trying to basically take over missionary work
in the ward and their ways arent very good. But I keep making it so
they cant change what were doing and they hate me for it haha.

So they came to Eikaiwa (I dont know why, they never do) and then they
were just talking to each other in the corner. And it mad me way mad
cuz they didnt think I could understand them but they were talking
about how they wanted to change Eikaiwa and how long they would have
to wait until I was gone, they were counting down the weeks man... it

I was like ``Dang gurl why you be all up hating on me and stuf?!?!``

Aw well.

But anyway, miracles.

None of our plans fell through the entire day but we were able to run
into a bunch of people in the ward, friends, and other eikaiwa
students who all gave us gifts and they all wanted to do stuff with
us!! It was way cool. Like there was a time of the day that we were at
the church and we werent supposed to be there because we were late,
but as we were about to leave a lady her sister and their families
walked up and asked if we were teaching an Eikaiwa at the building,
and we were like yea!!! So now theyre all going to come next week =)



Ooshima Kyoudai



He Is the BEST dude ever in the world ever!!

Im so stoked!!!

It was way funny though because we were at dendochouseishukai with
Kunitake Kyoudai and we were talking with him about our new dendo
shunin becuae we didnt have one yet and he was like, yeah, were going
to call someone today.....but I cant say who he is.......but his an
RM.........and.......he speaks english......... haha it was way funny.

One more thing, because weve been planning this music night we have
been calling the Bishop a lot to talk about it with him to really get
started fast. But this last Sunday at the end of the sacrament meeting he stood
up and he said he wanted to share something before the meeting ended.

Ill try to just some it up. ``Recently the missionaries have been
coming over to my house, calling me, basically trying to get ahold of
me to continue to plan this music night. They called me up Tuesday and
they asked if I was home but I wasnt so they asked when I would be
home the next day and they just kept trying to set up appointments. So
they came over the next day and they just straight up began to say the
ideas that they had and I could tell that they had put a lot of
thought into this activity. They had this activity idea on Monday,
then Wednesday we finished planning it and now were putting it
together. These missionaries are going to get the work DONE. Elder
Beckstrand has shown so much love for this ward and I know that his
musical talents will make everyone want to come to the activity. And
Elder McConnell. Hes way young (then he laughed, and said) Since Elder
Mcconnell had been here we have had the biggest numbers in church
attendance Eikaiwa attendance and we have had 3 activities done and
another one happening this transfer. Before he came we had not done
any activity for the last 10 Monthes. I dont know how its happening.
When we met to discuss the activity he couldnt really speak because he
is such a young missionary, but he understands what im saying.
Everytime I would say an idea he would whip out his planner and right
it down and then he would just try to contribute as much as he could.
I was just sitting there looking at him and I just could feel the
goodness coming from him. Hes frustraited. You can tell. Him and Elder
Villalobos tried and tried to get things rolling in this ward and they
have done a good job, but things arent going as fast as they would
like. Now Villalobos is gone. But Elder McConnell is still going. So
help him. He loves you. (then he looked at me and laughed and said) He
cant really talk to you all that much so hes trying to show it in
actions. We should do the same.``

It was crazy.

The Bishop has basically hated the last 8 sets of Missionaries in this
ward and suddenly he just wants to help. ITS SO COOL!!

At the end of the meeting all of the memebrs were asking for Eikaiwa
Flyers they could pass out and anything that they could do to help us
prepare for this music activity.

I feel so loved.

That was basically what Ive been doing this week. Just dendo haha.

I love you all!!

Dad, Mom, Jamie, Grace Meri, Sophie, and everyone!!