Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Letter

Hello everyone!! So I've been in for a week and a half. Christiansen Kyodai calls its a 2 weeks in missionary terms.
Mom - Mom thank you so much again for the humidifier. Everyone in my district is jealous of it haha
So, so far I have seen
Carlos Brandaris
Dallin Mcbride
Grady Nobles
Landon Droubay
Matt MaCallister
So this week has been both really good and really bad. The Nihongo is really good and really bad depending on the day. Some days I'll be exhausted and other day's I'll be having the time of my life. the thing that makes the MTC the hardest is that on the days that I struggle with Nihongo I think about how much easier it would be to be home with Shelby. But I just tell myself that I can handle this, and I will see Shelby soon.
Last weekend was kind of overwhelming one of the nights I was just sitting in my room at my desk trying to study. I just could not figure out how to form any sentences in Japanese. But then these two Chorotachi (Elders) came by and saw me in my room cuz my door was open. they asked how I was doing and I just said that I did not know what I was doing at all. So they sat down with me and helped me study for an hour. I had not ever met them before but they took the time to help me. Their names are Eckman Choro and Hammond Choro. They leave in two weeks for Kobe. They stop by every night and check one me and see how I'm doing. They gave me a bunch of flashcards that they had already leaerned and I've already memorized 50 of them.
So my doryo and I have been teaching an investigator named hamaguchi-san. After a 4 lessons we've taught him to pray, gave him a book of mormon, and we committed him to baptism. AND WE DID IT ALL IN NIHONGO!! Crazy stuff.
Justin Bassett - So i've met two Choros going to McAllen Texas, an Elder Dearden and an Elder McConnell haha. I was like "Elder McConnell you're my kyodai!!" (Brother.)
So Nihongo is very confusing. Nihongo sentence structure is Subject Object Verb formed. So you would say "I food ate" "I book read" "I to bed went." It is very confusing. Bu were praying for "Igen no tamamono" the gift of tounges.
So Elder Jeffery R Holland was at are Tuesday fireside. It was crazy!! He talked about the Book of Mormon, and "If we are the only people that we convert on our mission, our mission will be a success.."
I'm sad to hear about Sister Thompson. Tell her that I love her and her family. If there's anything I've learned, its that god has a plan for us and we will be with him again someday.
We went to the Temple this morning at 7. It was only my second time through the temple and it was amazing I've never thought so deeply than today in the Celestial Room.
Nihongo is coming along slowly, but I will eventually get it.
Letters just make my day even if they're just random stuff.
Tell Grandpa and Grandma that I did get there letter and I'm writting them next.
I sent a couple of letters off today. Including one with a memory card to you guys.
That's it for me!!
Ai shite masu!! I l love you!!
-McConnell Choro

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ohayo Gozaimesu!!!

Hello everyone! Man things have just been going great in the MTC.
I got my nametag, my Japanese supplies and my Doryo (Companion) Woodward Choro (Elder).
So I´ll just give a brief over view of what has been going on over the last couple of days. The first day I got here they brought me in grabbed my stuff and we head up to my room, which is on the 4th floor of 16M so it was quite a hike with my bags. After that my host took me towards my class which is in 18M on the 5th floor. I´´m going to have massive thighs. So I get into class where there are 5 Choro Tachi (Elders) and they are all writing down everything that is on the board. I turn and see Christiansen Sensai (Teacher) and he just starts going of in Nihongi (Japanese). He was very friendly and kept asking random stuff and I was like ... ¨I have no idea¨.
 So he took me to a computer lab wher5e I watch an MTC orientation video about Study time and gym time, then I headed back to the room. I got back in and began to write as much as I could that was on the board and then the Sensai began teaching. HOLY COW. Nihongi is confusing!!!
Anyway after class we had another meeting to meet the branch.
I´´m in Branch 27 District B
They appointed Senior Companions and the District Leader.
I´´ll list our district
McConnell Choro
Woodward Choro
Kerr Choro
Shitbatu Choro
Gandy Choro
Barrus Choro
Yoshida Choro
Prestwich Choro
Taggart Choro
House Choro
Mederos Choro
Allred Choro
I love these guys theyre all hilarious.
Woodward Choro and I taught our first investigator Friday, Hamaguchi san, totally in Nihongi. And it did not go well. Woodward Choro carried the conversation because he has already taken 2 years of Nihongi in highschool. All I know is that we taught him to pray and that god loves us haha.

I am allowed to get my mail anytime in the week but I can only write on my PDay

Pday= Friday

I´´m writting today because since it´´s my first week I get a half P'day.

Since this is a half pday so far today I have only written Shelby because I do not have a lot of time since it´´s a half pday. But there will be more letters to come.

Loves you guys!!