Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekly Letter

Do you belive in miracles....YES!!

I apologize that this is two days late but しょうがない (whatre you gonna do.)

This last Monday was ``Respect for the Aged Day`` so usually where we
do email was closed. I dont even know what they do on that holiday. I
tried to have the Eikaiwa students explain it to me but they were all
like, ``You nice things for old people...``. Cuz
apparently any other time of the year youre not supposed to haha.

That.... and there was a Taiphoon haha.

It was crazy intense!!! I almosty wrecked it on my bike.

And then yesterday I had a companion exchange with Yamada 長老 so I
couldt email haha. (Him and I have been on 4 exchanges already haha).

So I will start my week.

Tuesday 11th

We had just the normal District meeting and then we tried to go find a
members house. Sadly we got lost and we werent able to find it until
about 6 haha. But we found it and the shimai was very happy to see us.

Ato wa, we went to go visit Takeda-san, one of the investigators
Villalobos 長老 and I found. We stopped at his door, and he answered but
he said that he had just gotten back from rehab so he was very tired,
so we werent able to visit with him for very long. But we made a
return appointment for Friday, and then we headed home.

Wednesday 12th

We went to Fukuoka because I had an interview with President Gustafson.

Me and Gustafson Kaichou talked about the Ward, Companionship, and
other things for a bit, and then I went and did a Mogi (in english its
like.....demonstration....practice teaching thing....I think haha)
with the new AP Watanabe 長老.

At first he just asked a little bit about my day and then we started
talking about different dendo things and he brought up a man that he
had baptized in his last area, Yamaguchi. His name was Murata Kyoudai.
And I was like ``HEY I KNOW HIM!! He just moved to my ward!!`` And
Watanabe was like ``HOLY CRAP!!! YEAH!!! HE WENT TO KITKYUSHU!!``

So then me and Watanabe basically talked about him and a thing called
``Daily Contacting``. Something that the APs are trying to have us do
is to basically see our investigators everyday. They talked about how
we as missionary must always love our investigators. They asked us
``What is the opposite of Love?`` and most of us answered that it was
hate, but they said that it was actually ``Apathy.`` We as missionary
need to show our love by caring for our investigators and showing that
we care for them. And so far its going good =). Weve been able to have
so many good talks and meetings with our investigators, espicially one
named Aoi-chan, but I will talk about her later. I havent been this
genki in such a long time!! KITAKYUSHU IS DOING WAY GOOD!!!

But as Watanbe 長老 and I were talking, one of his investigators walked
into the room. So then, Watanabe 長老 and I taught a lesson haha.



Way tight.


That night we went to a family called the Sumiyas. We went and just
had dinner over at their house and it was just a way good time =).
They both shared their conversion stories with Beckstrand 長老 and I and
It was just a way neat meeting.


We did weekly planning and then we headed out to visit one of our
investigators Ideo-san. (He has crazy eyes and is really intense btw,
just saying, kinda scary) We visited him and then headed to the Church
for Eiakiwa.

We got there and met our newest student Aoi. SHES SO GOOD!!! Shes so golden!!
She was a refferal from Amamioshima and she is going to be here in
kitakyushu area for one year. Shes English peds and is wanting to go
to California next year in August. We had a fun time at Eikaiwa and
then we headed home.

Friday 14th

We visited Takeda-san. He has way bad eyes so I went and bought him
the Book of mormon on CD and gave it to him and he was way shocked. I
remembered that he had a CD player at his house but he said it didnt
work so I went and bought some cords, fixed it, and then I committed
him to listen and he said he would =). The whole time he was saying
that he liked the missionaries smiles haha. It was way good.

The rest of the day was just filled with more people just being angry
Japanese people haha. Dendo....whatre you gonna do?

Then that night we went to Dinner with Kimura Kyodai. We went to an
all you can eat meat place, it was legit.

I had kind of a cool experience when I was there at the restaurant, it
was in the bathroom which is weird but let me explain haha.

My hands were dirty from riding my bike to the restaurant so I went to
go wash my hands and I was in the bathroom and at the restaurant they
were playing I guess new popular American music. SO I was standing
there listening and I realized how awful it was. I was like, holy nowadays is way bad haha. I know that Mom had been
telling me that forever haha so I laughed to myself when that thought
came to my head, but then I thought, dang.. Ive really changed for the
better haha.

Then to top it off, I got in the car to head home with kimura kyodai
and he had MOTAB playing and I was like ``Ah......This is better..``
haha It was way funny ;) I thought mom would like that.

Saturday 15th

Holy Crap. I love MIKI. She is the most corrupt little Japanese lady I
have ever met haha. She was recently traveling all around Europe and
came back with some sovenirs, one of which was a Narwhal Horn.
RIGHT?!?!?! How crazy is that?!?! She was like ``Yeah I wasnt allowed
to take it to Japan so I smuggled it.`` I was like ``First off, how do
you know the word smuggle in english and second thats illegal!!!``
then she just started laughing. I took a picture of her holding the
horn so someday you guys can see it haha.

Also on that day Aoi and Mary came so we were all practicing english
for a bit. I asked Mary about ``Respect for the aged day`` and she
said that she got some pocket money from her son so she said she was
going to buy alcohol, and then Miki was like ``Nice!!`` and High-5`d
her haha. Those little ladies are very messed up haha.

BTW Miki also smuggled 5 huge bottles of gin back home as well. She
explained to me that she had 6 but she had to pay someone off at the
Greenland airport with one. =P shes such an evil lady haha.

After Eikaiwa we had a lesson with Aoi-chan. There were only 3 of us
so we had to do the lesson in the entry-way of the church. It was way
good!! She wants to go to the temple, be married and all of that, she
just wants to learn everything, then talk to her family about what she
should do. So we will help her =).

Sunday we had church. We called Aoi-chan in the morning and convinced
her to come so we drove with Bishop to Moji and picked her up. And
then we just had a way good day at church, and went home.

Then the Taifu (typhoon) came.


is all i can say.

We went out and tried to dendo in the Taifu but we got destroyed and
no one would listen at the apartment buildings we went to haha.
しょうがない. (Whatre you gonna do?)

Monday 17th

We switched up our Pday schedule and dendo`d in the morning so that we
could go play volleyball with Aoi-chan at the night time. So we went,
dendo`d, got yelled at (someone threw a beer at me haha no joke), and
had a fun time =D haha.

Then we went to Moji, had dinner with Aoi then went and played
Volleyball. Shes a lot better than Beckstrand and I haha, the Nakatsu
Elders came eventually and the 5 of us played but we were all way bad
except Aoi. haha.

Then Nakatsu stayed the night because we had District Meeting the next day.

Tuesday 18th

We had district meeting and then I had splits with my beloved 2nd
Daddy  YAMADA CHOROU!!!!! I love that man haha. We went and visited
Aoshima-san, our chinese investigator, We made him a banana cake and
shared a message with him. Then we went to the church and had a lesson
with Aoi. We committed her to Read the BofM everyda day, Pray
everyday, and come to church every week. And she said she would =).

That night was actually the first night of our Ping Pong
activity......but no one came haha.

So we moved the Ping pong table into the entry-way so that we could
play with Aoi.

It was way fun. Yamada is a Ping Pong beast!!

Wednesday 19th

Yamada and I had a way good study session and,.......


I have been trying so hard and I just could do it =P

But Yamada was like ``Just teach with the spirit and get me to do
something.`` haha

So I did it!!! I felt way good.

When we started Yamada was like why havent you already passed this
off? I was like cuz I cant teach lesson one in 5 min. and he was like
I know you can teach this lesson, Ive junkai`d with you 4 times and
youve taught it at least 8 times haha so he was like ``youre doing it
today!!`` so I did it =)


Then we went and met back up with Villalobos and Beckstrand at Kokura
and now Im emailing.

Whoooo...... todays letter was long my bad haha.

Dont worry about the CD dad haha thanks for everything you do =)

And BTW the computer I use is way old so couldnt watch those videos,
but the next time I email I will try to use a better computer so I can
see them =).

I love you alll!!!!!!!

Mom dad jamie meri grace sophie, my peeps and my dudes.