Sunday, April 15, 2012

Travel Plans

I got Travel Plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be flying out April 23rd
SLC -> Seattle -> Narita Tokyo -> Fukuoka Japan
I'll arrive in Fukuoka April 24th at 9:50 PM
Flying for basically two days worth of time!!
There are 8 of us in our flight group
Us 4 Eigo Chorotachi (Me, Gandy, Woodwad, and Barrus)
2 Nihon-jin Chorotachi
2 Nihon-jin Shimaitachi
None of them speak any english so were going to help them in Seattle and they are going to help us in Japan haha.
This week was pretty amazing other than starting it out sick.
Saturday - We had TRC again, but I was unable to teach because I was sick. They said that I shouldn't teach that way I wouldn't get the Volunteers sick. The rest of the day was just studying and reading.
Sunday - Easter Sunday - We had a big Sunday Sacrament meeting where the Sacrament was served in the auditorium of 19M, so about 3000 peoplegot the Sacrament. There were 6 tables where they blessed and about 50 people passing. The special speaker at the fireside was Elder Boyd K. Packer. It was legit. He's actually a really funny guy he spoke with his oldest son, who is a member of the Seventy. During Elder Packer's talk he he said to his son, "Now Allen I want to share this story and you are not allowed to tell your mother I shared it." The entire place just started laughing. Later we had a Testimony Meeting and it was amazing. The first time I was here for Testimony meeting about 10 people bore their testimonies. This time 38 people bore there testimonies in Japanese. People gave most of their testimonies in Japanese and then they shared personal things in English. I was really amazing to hear from most of the people in my zone. There were quite a bit of Nihon-jin shimaitachi / chorotachi who also bore their testimonies and it was amazing to here how they became a member of the church.
Monday - Woke up. Kojin Gakushu (Personal Study), Taikukan (Gym), Hirugohan (Lunch), Kurasu (Class), Nihongo Benkyo (Japanese Study), Bangohan (Dinner), Kurasu (Class), Kojin Gakushu (Personal Study), Hibi Keikaku (Daily Planning), Ryo ni mamoru (Return to Residence Halls), Nemu (Sleep).
Tuesday - We had a Fireside where the speaker was the Presiding Bishop who was released this last Sotaikai (General Conference), Bishop McMullen. It was really sweet to hear from both him and his wife, they told us that this was going to be there last assignement in their calling so they were happy to share that time with us.
Sister McMullen - Spoke about her experience in Germany serving a mission and about learning a language on her own and following the promptings of the spirit.
Bishop McMullen - Spoke about how we need to not be worried about Jinsei no Mondai (Lilfe's Problems). If we have the spirit and we never back down from an oppurtunity to sere then we will be blessed.
Wednesday - Getsuyobi wa onaji desu (Same as Monday)
Thursday - 
We had a class taught be Christiansen Kyodai and we were able to watch a companionship of Nihon-jin chorotachi and Shimaitachi teach. We were in one room on the other side of a two sided mirror while they taught on the other. And it was really interesting to see actual Nihon-jin teach. They didn't know we were watching so it wazs even more interesting. The way that they were able to interact with the Kyudosha (Investigator) was very interesting. And you could definantly see a difference in how they teach.
After that we just talked with Christiansen Kyodai and he told us a couple of Mission stories. So in Japan people are always super polite but they dont always want to hear from you. So when Christiansen Kyodai would go tracking they would knock on doors and Nihon-jin would open the doors laughing politely and shaking their heads saying "kekko" or "no thank you", while they crossed there arms in a X. It's kinda hard to explain ill have to make a video of what it looks like but its really hillarious.
Friday - We were able to go to the temple this morning and do initiatory. We went with Sanderson, Jones, and Williams Choro, some guys in our zone. Afterwards we had breakfast in the temple and I sat next to Sanderson Choro And hes hillarious. He's about 6'3'' and he's super white but talks like a gangster. I went and sat by him and he was like "Yeah son, sit ya-self down" haha. Me and him have a funny saying that we use all the time, whenever something weird happens. It's "That is strait up, out da box, cray cray." haha It never gets old.
Thank you Shelby Trish and the Newbys for the Box of Subway!!! I was so surprised!! I got it and was like SCORE!! My whole floor was trying to buy it off me and I was like "No way getcha own!!!"
Thank you Carla for sending those cookies as well =) my district totally wiped em out.
And Mom and Dad thank you for the box from whole foods. IT WEIGHED 49lbs~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was "Strait up, out da box, cray cray!!!"
I love you all!! Hope everyones doing good!! I saw Keaton Meyer BTW!! He's doing good, he seemded really excited to be here. Oh and I hosted Wednesday!! I keep remembering stuff I did at the very end. 
I'll probably send another card home today. And I havent gotten a letter from Shelby yet, I hate the mail here its always so slow. But I should get one later today.
Be Safe Dad Mom Meri Grace Sophie *Dog* Jamie Shelby and Everyone else!!!!
Ai shite imasu!!! (I love you!!)