Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tashiro 長老 + Aiura 会長 + Kaida 会長 = Sweet Sunday!!

So this week has been way good.
We started this last week with service in Kurume on Monday. We drove about 2 hours to the area and met up with some more members out there and actually Woodward 長老 and Stennet 長老 were there as well. We loaded up in a couple of cars and headed out towards our area. In the area we helped a couple of people remove furniture and things that had been affected by various floods in those areas.
We started in one house where the water had come in and had entirely destroyed the tatami floors. They were so heavy. They were just completely soaked with water. There were about 24 of them in the one house and we got them all out.
Next we moved to another set of houses where some other volunteers were already working. We came in and finished up with them and then from there we just headed home. We got home and we were so exhausted we went grocery shopping and then we went and emailed last week.
Because we spent so much time doing service last Monday the AP`s called us up and told us that we should take another P-Day because we did service for about 11 hours.
So the next day we woke up cleaned the apartment wrote letters and then headed out around 3.
We went and rode our bikes about an hour towards Tsuchida our Bishops house, and while we were riding we actually passed them, They waved us down and told us that they wanted to visit with us. So we told them we were going to go visit a couple of apartment complexes and then we would return.
We got up there and talked to a few people and ended up actually getting a new investigator.
Her name is #####-san we taught her and her two daughters. We shared a message about the Plan of Happiness and also about our daily lives as missionaries. She was really impressed and wanted to meet with us again so we actually have an appointment set for tomorrow.
Afterwards we went to the Tsuchidas and just had a small shoukujikai (meal....dinner appointment... I think thats what that is in english.). We were just visiting and we wanted to know what the Bishops ``vision`` for the ward was. He said that he wanted to work on service and reactivating less active members.
The problem is that a lot of the people on the less active list want nothing to do with the church or are ``sick in the head`` as Japanese people say. They have like mental disabilities.
So were going to go through the list with bishop and he is going to help us know who to visit and who not to.
Wednesday we had district meeting because our P-day had been moved from tuesday. We just talked for a bit and talked about something called the 40-Day fast from this talk called ``Spiritual Purity``. Its way cool. I dont know who wrote it but if you get the chance try and read it sometime.
We made a goal as a district to fast for the next sunday as part of the challenge from the talk and we were all way excited about it.
Then Villalobos and I went back to the apartment and finished up our study time.
We have both been kinda stressed and we just had to vent about a lot of things that had been on our minds. We spent a big part of the day just having a big long I guess ``Comp inventory`` sort of thing. But it wasnt reallly about each other just stuff in the area and things that had been stressing us out recently. It felt way good to sit down and just really talk.
We both came to the conclusion that we just need to get genki haha. We are both way depressed due to the ward, the area and other things and we just really need to change our attitude towards everything. We just arent genki. And it sucks.
That night we had Eikaiwa. We went and had a way fun time with everyone as a class. I made everyone a Banana bread cake using the rice cooker at our apartment haha it was really easy. Ill have to take a picture for you guys the next time that I make one.
We got back that night and I realized that the reason I hadnt been genki is because I have been feeling guilty. I have had a lot of self pity and have just been waiting for things to happen for me, and I havent been entirely obidient. So I made a commitment with myself that I just gotta go to work. And I have been. And its been way good.
Friday we went and visited one of our Eikaiwa students named kurisu. Her and her husbnad own a tea shop so we went and visited. We spent a lot of time trying to get to know them and we actually taught a lesson about the Word of Wisdom haha in a tea shop. Very interesting.
Afterwards we went and did some housing at a near by danchi. We got 4 lessons and 40 contacts but no PI`s. Sad.
Saturday we did another Helping Hands activity at a local Hospital. Villalobos, me, and 2 sisters did some gardenning outside and them we had to run to Eikaiwa.
At Eikaiwa the only two student were kurisu and Miki. We taught a lesson and then just talked until about 4. At 4 we heaeded home finished up our studytime and then went backt o the church for choir.
Villalobos and I were the onyl 2 guys with 7 shimai and we practiced singing Carry On. It was way fun!! We were there until about 8:45 and then we headed home.
Sunday we had dendochouseishuukai (the meeting with our Ward mission leader) and when we were in the middle of our meeting some people came to the church. We went out to the front and said hello to the Stake President Aiura Kaichou, his Counselour, Kaida Kaichou, and to the Area 70 Tashrio Chorou. They were all so genki (excited, I think)! We came and said hi and then we told them that we nedded to go do our meeting and then they asked if they could join haha it was way cool. The whole ward was there to greet them but they wanted to come into our meeting haha so they came in. While we were meeting people were watching through the glass windows in the hall to see what we were doing haha.
We went in and then just talked about our various efforts within the ward to strengthen people and different activities we were doing and everyone was really impressed. Aiura Kaichou told us that he had not seen a companionship trying so hard to strengthen so many people in so many different areas. He said that if we ever needed anything that him and the stake presidency would back us up. How cool is that.
At the end of our meeting Tashiro asked if anyone else had anything to add. Everyone said no. Then he asked me. And I said in simple Japanese that I didnt have anything. Then he said. Chourou we are all working together here we need to strengthen each other. I know you care about this ward. Speak! So I sat there for a sec and then bore a simple testimony about the work in Kitakyuushuu. They were all really stunned. They were like ``Man... you really care dont you? and I was like YEAH!! I want to help but I cant tell people that!! I can only do it through my actions.
We actually have some history with all 3 of those men.
Tashiro Chorou was in Villalobos chorous last area and Villalobos actually baptized his mother. And he was there the first sunday that Aoshima came.
Kaida Kaichou was with us when we went to Yabake and help the people there.
And Aiura Kaichou was with us in Kurume on Monday.
They all love me and Villalobos a ton.
The rest of the day we had various meetings and a shokujikai but me and villalobos were fasting so we didnt eat. (I wrote a funny story about that in Shelbys letter youll have to ask her about it)
And then we had a cool fireside by Tashiro Chorou.
After Church we headed home and broke our fast and then headed to an area called Moji for a dinner appointment we had with a meber.
WE went with the younger Sakuragi fufu and we had a great time together
Then we returned home, went to bed, snd now im here haha.
Villalobos and I are doing way good. In the rainging we still do a lot of housing and a lot of streeting. Were just both way down because of the area. The ward just needs to come together!!!!!!!!!!!
Im having a way good time. I still need to get some confidence in various things but Im ok.
I got the package today =) It was way good!!!! I wrote shelby about it in my letter.
Nothing else is too new. Just chugging along trying to learn how to be a missionary. 
I love you guys!!
GGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeee Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh and you too Dad....
Hope you guys have an amazing weekend.
Thank you guys for your prayers and everything you do be safe and dont do anything too stupid!!