Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ohayo Gozaimesu!!!

Hello everyone! Man things have just been going great in the MTC.
I got my nametag, my Japanese supplies and my Doryo (Companion) Woodward Choro (Elder).
So I´ll just give a brief over view of what has been going on over the last couple of days. The first day I got here they brought me in grabbed my stuff and we head up to my room, which is on the 4th floor of 16M so it was quite a hike with my bags. After that my host took me towards my class which is in 18M on the 5th floor. I´´m going to have massive thighs. So I get into class where there are 5 Choro Tachi (Elders) and they are all writing down everything that is on the board. I turn and see Christiansen Sensai (Teacher) and he just starts going of in Nihongi (Japanese). He was very friendly and kept asking random stuff and I was like ... ¨I have no idea¨.
 So he took me to a computer lab wher5e I watch an MTC orientation video about Study time and gym time, then I headed back to the room. I got back in and began to write as much as I could that was on the board and then the Sensai began teaching. HOLY COW. Nihongi is confusing!!!
Anyway after class we had another meeting to meet the branch.
I´´m in Branch 27 District B
They appointed Senior Companions and the District Leader.
I´´ll list our district
McConnell Choro
Woodward Choro
Kerr Choro
Shitbatu Choro
Gandy Choro
Barrus Choro
Yoshida Choro
Prestwich Choro
Taggart Choro
House Choro
Mederos Choro
Allred Choro
I love these guys theyre all hilarious.
Woodward Choro and I taught our first investigator Friday, Hamaguchi san, totally in Nihongi. And it did not go well. Woodward Choro carried the conversation because he has already taken 2 years of Nihongi in highschool. All I know is that we taught him to pray and that god loves us haha.

I am allowed to get my mail anytime in the week but I can only write on my PDay

Pday= Friday

I´´m writting today because since it´´s my first week I get a half P'day.

Since this is a half pday so far today I have only written Shelby because I do not have a lot of time since it´´s a half pday. But there will be more letters to come.

Loves you guys!!


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