Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Letter

Hey everyone how's it going?!?!

I've written kind of an outline for my letter so I'mjust reading of a list and I'm going to talk about them in the order I've written them down.
Jamie - Couple of things. At an MTC Fireside on Tuesday night I was sitting by two Shimaitachi who are goingto Chile Conception South, they should be there in Marc I think. There names were Sister Dawson and Sister Shelton. I told them to look out for a retarded looking kid with the last name of McConnellin Chile ;)
Family - Something pretty cool. On Sunday there was a fireside where Alex Boye spoke. He's the black enlgish singer from and he talked about his conversion story and he's actually super racist lol it was pretty great.
I was really sad to hear about Laura. I love her and will miss her.
Medeiros told me a story about when he was back in Hawaii he worked in a hospital. His job there was to move those who have passed away to the mourgue. He said that It was so said going into a room where the whole family was there and they thought that this life was it and they would never see them again. But then he told me about once he went into the roomof an older Gentleman who had passed away. And when he walked into the room he ran into a lady from his ward. He realized that the man was a member of his ward. She just smiled at him with tears down her face and said "I'm going to see him again, it'll be ok."
Later that night Medeiros shared another story with me. He said that he had a friend who had joined the military right out of highschool and had been sent to Iraq. He was there about 9 Months when he was KIA. Medeiros said that he just remembered his funeral as "one of the most peaceful things he had ever been apart of." And Medeiros then told me "This is why were here. Because things happen everyday, including death. And people don't know that there is life after this one. It is our job to tell the people of Japan that there is life after this one."
That was just an amazing testiment to me about the Plan of Salvation.
I got shots this week as well. Can I just say the the Hep B #3 shot feels like someone put a balloon that wasnt inflated in my arm and then proceeds to fill it up in my arm. =P
BTW I'm a Volleyball and 4-Square Pro.
Everyone here keeps talking about their GF's and it's pretty funny. Everyone that I've talked to just keeps talking aboutn there girlfriends and I realize how lucky I am to have Shelby. All of the girls these guys talk about just sound like not very mature girls. And everytime I hear about them I realize how lucky I am =)
Jamie - Really quick, so this morning I went to the Temple and acted as a proxy and I was in a sealing session with an Elder Kemp. He just barely got back from Chile Conception South. He said that he knew you and that you came into an area right after he left. Small world right?
Sorry I didn't talk a lot about what I've learned this week, so much that it's hard to remember what I've learned recently.
I sent out some letters today to Shelby, Sarah, Trish, Meri, Grace, Sophie, and Mike. So they should arrive in a bit.
One more thing.. Ive memorized Hiragana!! That's one of the two Japanese Alphabets and I memorized it this week.
Ai shite masu! I love you - McConnell Choro

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