Sunday, May 27, 2012

おーは世ございます!!! GOOD MORNING!!!!!

Im really sorry to hear about Grandpa Thad. I Didn`t read moms letter first I read dads. So when I was reading it, it said `I want to share some stuff about grandpas funeral and I was like HOLY COW!! No one told me he had passed away! But I read some more and then I understood. Im really going to miss grandpa. He was amazing. I knew the story that you told me dad, mom shared that with me about a year ago, he was just amazing. Tell Grandama Babara I love her. This week went by just as fast as the other ones!! Its so crazy! Monday - After Pday we were able to go out to dinner with a member of the ward named Kimura Kyodai. He took us to a sushi joint and made us eat SO MUCH!! I shared a little message with him and then we asked what we should do when it comes to getting the ward united. And he just said to visit everyone and get people excited about dendo! So thats what were gonna do! Tuesday - We had district meeting and then afterwards we had a lesson with Nakamura at the church. Ooshima kyodai cae to the church unexpectantly and helped us teach the lesson! It was so great (Theres a pic of him in here with us his wife daughter and friend, hes the one sitting down). 
we tried to visit a family in our ward called the Sakuragis. They have a bakery in Shii city so we tried to ride our bikes there and find it but we couldnt find it forever, it kinda sucked. And then after we found it it was closed for the night... Which sucked.
Funny Story = So in Japan when little kids cross the street they look both ways and put there hand in the air as high as they can and cross the street. So the night we were returning home from Shii, we had to cross this street as the cross walk symbol turned on we began to cross and a car ran the light right in front of us. SO Villalobos put his hand in the air as he began to cross and everyone in the other cars waiting for us began to laugh. As we were crossing an old lady was crossing from the other side and she just said ``NE?!`` which means basically in japanese ``I KNOW RIGHT?!?!`` hahahaha. Wednesday - We returned to Shii city and were able to meet the Sakuragis at there bakery, we bought a ton of stuff and they were very grateful. We taught 3 lessons and were able to meet a lady in the ward named Okahara shimai who is a Philipinjin (philipeno). We asked her if she could help us with a talent show were trying to do for the ward and she gladly said she would. Funny Story = Whenever we see kids between 8-16 years old they always try to speak as much English as they can to us, espicially when theyre in large groups. So as we were heading home we meet like 7 15 year olds guys and they were all trying to speak english. So we gave them some eikaiwa chidashi (English Class Flyers) and we talked with them in English, and they were like `WAKARANAI!!!` `I DONT UNDERSTAND!!`. So we were like buh bye see you... and then Villalobos Choro yells ``MY MOM HAS A HUGE REFRIDGERATOR!!!`` And they were like MY MOM HAS A HUGE REFRIDGERATOR back. hahaha Villalobos then explained that they have no idea what were saying so no matter what we say theyll try to repeat it and think that it means like a way that American people say goodbye. So if anyone goes to Japan and a kid walks by and says ``my mom has a huge refridgerator`` that was our bad,. Thursday - We helped teach English to like 100 kindergarten kids with Okahara Shimai. THEY WERE ALL CRAZY!! We played the English version of ``Jon ken po!!`` or ``Rock paper Scissors`` it was really fun. Later that night at Eikaiwa to new students came who were actually both Chinese. The husbnad speaks fluent chinese and Japanese but his wife only knows Chinese so were trying to help her out. His daughter recieved a chidashi from missionaries about 8 monthes ago and he kept it because he wanted to come but he had been too busy. But then he came hahaha. They are called the Oushimas. Friday - JUNKAI W/ YAMADA CHORO!! MY ZL!! What a crazy experience. I junkai`d (Splits) with elder yamada this friday and it was amazing. He speaks only a little english so we talked in Japanese all day and I loved it. We had suchs a great time we visited 1 member and taught 8 lessons on the street. We taught a lesson to one guy from like 810-920 on a street curb. He knew both english and Japanese so Yamada and I taught him in both. SUCH A CRAZY NIGHT!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Theres a pic of him in here as well the one holding my photo album. Saturday - Villalobos and Edwards Choro returned from Fukuoka and Villalobos and I went and taught Eikaiwa. The Oushimas returned!!!! It was legit!! Afterwards we went with some Eikaiwa students to go sight seeing and we tried to teach them some stuff but they just werent ready to hear it. Sunday Tashiro Choro of the 70 came and visted the ward!!! He was so cool. He was one of the best speakers Ive ever heard and he was super loving. He knows the kitakyushu ward very well so there was one part of the meeting where someone stood up to leave and he stopped and said, in nihongo ``Sister Imi do you have to go?`` and she was like yeah sorry I have work and he said ``thats ok but I want a hug first`` So he runs off the stand hugs her runs back up and continues haha it was so great. Afterwards the Ooshima invited us to there home where we were able to teach a friend of there`s a lesson. WAY WAY WAY FUN TIME. They have a daughter named Erin who is sophies age and she is just like Sophie but the Japanese version haha.]
Well thats it for me. I got letters from Abi Busath and Mike Young this Week. ANOTHER CRAZY STORY - Shelby, if you read this, youll have to let Samantha Bunderson know that Im will Villalobos. She wrote him a letter and was like ``if you meet a Sam McConnell I was his girlfriends roomate`` and he was like ``HOLY CRAP DUDE SMALL WORLD!!`` Befre he started reading the letter Iwas like ``Im pretty sure the name sam bunderson sounds familiar...` and he was like ``you probably dont know her......wait your name is in here`` hahaha I love you all!!! MOM DAD SHELBY JAMIE MERI GRACE SOPHIE DOG!!! Youre all wonderful. Have fun sleeping!! my day
just started haha. みなー産におやすみなさい!!らい主またね!! Goodnight!! Ill see ya next week!

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