Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello from the other side!
The world hasnt ended yet just to let you know so dont stress.
This transfer is finally starting to pick up.
Its been going WAY slow but its finally beginning to speed up!
And im way grateful.
Theres nothing more depressing than when things are going way slow and
youre not seeing success, but things are getting way better!!

This week we had two junkai`s (trades), one with mitton 長老 in Nakatsu
(Inaka-ville)(deserted-ville) and another with Yamada 長老 in Fukuoka
city (which is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its such a busy place)

Mitton 長老 and i had junkai back on tuesday after district meeting.
Villalobos 長老 and Barrus 長老 came with us to Nakatsu but we split after
we arrived. Mitton 長老 and i were able to teach 5 lessons and find them
an new investigator. Oh yeah, and this was all during a thunder storm
haha Rainy season has BEGUN. We stopped a bunch of people on the
streets and they stopped and talked with us even though we were in the
middle of a storm haha. Rain here is not like rain back home.
Everytime it rains its like being hit with a pillow of water in the
face every 5 seconds. Which is way mendokusai (annoying) when youre
trying to teach haha.

This week we went to the honbu (mission office) because it was stake conference.
Kitakyushu is part of the Fukuoka stake so we traveled to honbu in
Fukuoka. It was way fun. We had the oppurtunity to go through the
temple on Saturday and it was amazing. The templein Japan is an
entirely different experience. Thats all i can say.
After that we went under the temple to the mission home and visited
the honbu elders, Oba 長老 and Yamanashi 長老 and also the APs Ahn 長老 and
Clements 長老. Everyone is way stressed because they have been trying to
prepare for the new mission president to come in. Its all bittersweet
having a new mission president arrive, its exciting but kinda scary.
While i was at the honbu I had to take an oral exam to check up on my
training which I had started in the MTC. It was the exact same kind of
test that i took when i left the mtc but some things had been changed.
and i crushed it haha I FELT SO GOOD. In the mtc, when i did that test
i couldnt speak at all (we had mics and had to answer questions in
JApanese) but this time i answered everyone and ran out of time on
some because i didnt have enough time to answer cuz i was saying so
much haha. IT WAS GREAT!! There was also a grammar test that we were
required to take and i got 25/25. WHOOT WHOOT. I love ぶんぽう! (grammar).
For the test we were supposed to recite a memorized scripture and
totally did it, i couldnt when i was in the mtc, but it was so easy
this time
Moses 1:39 みよ、人の伏し不滅と永遠の命をもたらすことこれが私の輪図であり、私の影響である。
Miyo, hito no fushifumetsu to eien no inochi wo motarasu koto, kore ga
watashi no wazu de ari, watashi no eikyou de aru.
I love how it sounds in Japanese.
After I took that test Sister Margetts walked into the honbu because
she thogught no one was there (because saturday is the honbu elders
pday) but she was like whoa hey chourous haha so we talked to her for
about an hour haha it was so spontaneous and fun.
Shortly after that Elder Berg and Elder Yamada came and we began JUNKAI!!
Me and Yamada 長老 killed it.
We had so much fun.
Hes such a great ZL
I always love Junkai`ing with him because we always have so much fun.
He only knows a little Japanese so we spoke Nihongo the whole time.
We were able to visit 2 members families and teach 3 lessons on the
streets. we would have goten more but we had to run some errands for
the APs.
I took some way fun pics of Yamada 長老 and I so ill send them probably
in about a week.
(something funny about Yamada 長老 is that he loves using the english he
knows and he always says these to things ``honto ni?!`` which means
really haha and he`ll say it whenever I say something funny or he`ll
try to say ``really`` but says ``OH REARY?!?!`` haha I love him so
much. we were talking about next transfer and he was asking me if i
was worried about getting a nihonjin companion and i said if theyre
genki (happy) than itll be good. and he said well sadly nihonjin arent
very genki haha then i said youre genki!! and then he said this next
bit word for word in a way deep voice ``IM NOT GENKI..`` hahahaha it
was so great! I want you guys to meet him after my mission.)
Sunday was way cool. It was a stake conference but the meeting was
broadcasted from Church headquarters to all of Japan. The speakers
were Sister Wixom, Chei 長老 of the 70, Oaks 長老 and Uchtdorf 長老. IT WAS
SUCHA COOL MEETING!! WAY GOOD!! oh yeah and I forgot the best part
AOSHIMA-SAN came!! He came all the way from his home in Usa to Fukuoka
for the conference. They had the main room in nihongo for the
japanese, a room upstairs for english, and a room for chinese
speakers!! So he got to listen in his native language! We taught a
lesson with him afterwards and he loved everything. we tried to commit
him to baptism again. but he says he cant yet. he was raised a
communist and they always taught him that there was no such thing as a
god. and its very hard for him to change those beliefs that he has. He
says he wants to, hes trying to, but its taking time. He says he wants
to be baptized but he must know if god lives.
So we will help him know.

Thats basically my whole week. Today were doing some shopping and im
gonna buy some japanese clothing haha today i have junkai with the
yahata chouroutachi so that will be fun.

I love you all!
Hope things are going way good!

Jamie! you gotta get some hobbies man haha go do some fun stuff!
Kevin already has a girlfriend? dang that was quick. When does forrest
get home?? Man time is flying. Ill write you a handwritten letter
today cuz im cool like that.

uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm....... I dont need really anything right now.

I could use some Locals flip flops but i dont need them anytime soon.
Just send them maybe like in a couple of monthes.

I love you Shelby, Jamie, Mom, Dad, MERI GRACE SOPHIE DOG!!! I hope
that you all are doing good!!


IM BEING RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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